The Clarinet Story

This is Alex, proudly playing his new Yamaha clarinet. The clarinet was gifted to us back at Christmas when Olivia held a “Christmas Jumper Day” at Winchester University in aid of Jemima’s Gift. After her presentation about the charity a fellow student came to chat with her and said that she would like us to have her clarinet, which she no longer played. She wanted to find a home for it where it would be used properly again. You may have seen our appeals to find the perfect recipient over the past few months.image

Alex has been learning to play for the past three years, using a hired instrument from the local school music scheme. However his teacher had told him that he wouldn’t be able to take the instrument with him to secondary school in September and so his family were thinking that he would have to give up entirely.Then one of his class teachers pointed him our way. She had heard about out appeal to re-home our clarinet and thought of Alex.

We are so thrilled to have such a happy ending to the clarinet story, and Alex is getting on brilliantly with his clarinet. We wish you many happy years of playing Alex, and hope to be able to hear you play at one of your concerts one day!

News update

Things are still ticking along at a steady pace at Jemima’s Gift.image

We are currently supporting Ellie’s riding lessons, she is progressing extremely well in her horsemanship and this is having a profound effect on her confidence too.

Musically speaking, we continue to fund piano lessons for Lubna and Ishtyak and woodwind lessons for Millie and Lily. We have Emma in the National Youth Orchestra and Edward in the National Youth Brass Band, and we have recently been able to provide Alex with a clarinet which will enable him to continue music lessons when he goes to secondary school in September.

Darcy will be taking part in her school choir’s trip to Cambridge later in the summer and we have been able to fund specialist physiotherapy  and occupational therapy for a young child with additional needs, thereby supporting him to get the most from his education.

Next spring we will be supporting a children’s bereavement project which will tour several local schools, hospitals and hospices helping children in education to come to terms with loss and flourish nonetheless.

Our trustees are busy pondering several new requests for funding to enable children to reach their potential in the Arts, Sports and Education. They do such a good job of making sure that we are involved a variety of projects, which meet our charity’s original objectives, and we are grateful to them for their help.

Jemima's Gift on holidayWe have now been running Jemima’s Gift for coming up to three and a half years and we will continue to do everything we can to support children to live life to the full as long as we have funds to do so. We have not yet had to make any difficult decisions based on lack of funding, however there will inevitably become a time when funds are the limiting factor and Jemima’s Gift will have done it’s job, to make a difference in many children’s lives and to act as a lasting legacy for Jemima.

In the meantime we are very much looking forward to Annabel’s next event; The Jemima’s Gift Festival of Creativity. This will be a full day’s fun on Saturday 10th September 2016 when we will celebrate creativity in many forms. Come along to eat cake, drink tea, enjoy the performances, look at the many exhibits, meet up with friends old and new and maybe even enter a category yourself! Annabel is determined that there will be something to encourage everyone to get creative so no excuses this year! Here is the festival website to get your ideas flowing

Thank you for your continued support!



Please help us to re home our keyboard!


We are very fortunate to have been given this fabulous electronic keyboard by kind donation.

If you know of a child or young person who could make good use of it, please let us know.


Perhaps a student who is about to leave home and will miss their piano when they get to University? Or a child who would like to learn piano but doesn’t have room for one at home? Or maybe even a school or a playgroup where a teacher would enjoy playing for the children to sing along?

Whatever the reason, we are sure that someone would be glad of this gift to learn or make the most of their keyboard skills. Do get in touch!

Jemima’s Birthday


Thank you to all our family and friends for your lovely messages, cards and flowers today. We have celebrated our beautiful Jemima as a family on this, the fourteenth anniversary of her birthday.

We are so grateful to have had her in our lives and will continue to honour her memory by doing everything we can to support other children to live life as well as she did whilst she was here with us. Thank you for helping us to do that.

Millie and Lily

imageWe are thrilled to hear about the fantastic progress that these girls are making with their double reed playing.

Millie has recently passed her Grade 2 Oboe and has already started working towards Grade 3.

Lily continues to love playing Bassoon and is now working towards her Grade 5!

It is such a privilege for Jemima’s Gift to be supporting these enthusiastic children with their music lessons in conjunction with Wiltshire Young Musicians and we are very proud of their achievements. Well done girls!

Musical gifts

We are delighted to have been entrusted with two very special gifts recently. One is a Casio electronic keyboard complete with a set of “learn to play” books, the second is a rather splendid Yamaha clarinet.

The instruments were given to us by generous benefactors following talks given about Jemima’s Gift and we feel very honoured to be able to offer them to children or young people in need.

If you, or a young person that you know, would be interested in either of these musical instruments, perhaps you could get in touch and explain how you could put the gift to use. We would love to hear from you!image

Ellie’s first hack

pony pictures April 2016 174Thank you to Mary for this wonderful picture of Ellie’s first hack. Ellie is a young carer and gets so much out of the riding opportunities that Mary facilitates for her. Jemima’s Gift is proud to be a part of this, which makes such a difference in Ellie’s life.