You can donate to Jemima’s Gift through Paypal below. Although we are not yet a registered charity, we are in the process of becoming one. So please rest assured that every penny of the money you donate will go towards supporting young children like Jemima. More details about this – and exactly where  your money is spent – will be posted shortly.

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9 thoughts on “Donations

  1. Ellie Sanders, Ollie Sanders, Megan Healy and Joseph Healy raised £28 15p selling cakes at the Bath Half Marathon. Jemima was a good friend to others,she made people laugh when they were sad! Miss u lots but you will be in our hearts forever love Ellie and Megan : ) xxx

  2. I miss seeing Jemima for i got my two loving cats from her and her family, I did my first pantomime “snow white and the 7 dwarfs” with her and i miss seeing her beautiful face in my swimming group, now she has gone i have a big hole in my heart. she has died but she is living in everyones memorys and hearts especaly mine. x
    love from Eloise xxxxx

  3. I always think about jemima I miss her lots she’s always in my mind I always think about that time when jemima Ellie and I went 2 her house and put one of jemima’s kittens in her rollar scate that was funny and cute, we had lots of fun together. She was a special friend, and I’ll never ever forget her xxxx 🙂

  4. I still think of Jemima often and miss her. I decided to raise some money at my new school Mark College by doing a cake sale, I raised 53.83 which I am really happy to donate to Jemima’s Gift. God bless. Freya xx

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