In a reflecting mood……

The day has come to let you know that our funds have all been spent! That isn’t quite true in fact, Jemima’s Gift has precisely £1.97 in its account.

Jemima fishing 2011This means that over the past 5 years we have spent almost £70,000 on children and young people to help them to achieve some of their dreams and ambitions in sports, the arts and education, all thanks to the generous support of our friends and family and to the legacy of one amazing little girl.

What an honour and an achievement this has been. It has been such a source of comfort to know that Jemima has been remembered in this positive and honouring way. We love scrolling down through this blog to see all the stories recorded here as a reminder of everything that has taken place in Jemima’s memory.

Of course the story may not stop here. There are plenty of events coming up to raise funds for Jemima’s Gift, none of them solicited in any way by us. Strings Incognito have their winter concert this coming Sunday, The Harmonics are singing in the Bath Christmas market at the weekend and the Shepherd Group Brass Band are holding a retiring collection at their sell out Christmas Concerts, all in aid of Jemima’s Gift.

So we hope that we may be in a position fairly soon to give out some more of Jemima’s gifts, but in the meantime we just want to thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts, for helping us to achieve so much for so many amazingly talented, gifted and enthusiastic young people, all of whom are living life to the full, just like Jemima did.

With much love from all at Jemima’s Gift



One thought on “In a reflecting mood……

  1. It has been a real pleasure and honour to be associated with Jemima’s Gift. It is incredible to think that over £70k has been raised and handed out to brilliant causes.

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