Tennis news from Calder House School

How lovely to receive this email from Sam Hull, who is coaching tennis at Calder House School in collaboration with Jemima’s Gift and Give it your Max!

 So far the project has been a great success with lots of positive feedback from the children and their teachers. Please see what Julie Delahay (PE coordinator at Calder House School) had to say when asked about our work:

‘The children at Calder House School have thoroughly enjoyed their Tennis tuition thus far. In September we welcomed 16 new pupils to the school. Some of whom have never played tennis before. Some of our pupils have really struggled with PE in their previous schools and for others this is the greatest opportunity they have to shine in the curriculum.
All children very much look forward to their ‘turn’ to play tennis with Joe. The children wait with anticipation to see if it is their tennis week; once announced there is much whooping and cheering and a few fist pumps too!

The tuition is giving the children expert coaching, developing their confidence and coordination. As a specialist school for children with specific learning difficulties this has had an enormous impact on an area of the curriculum that the children often find challenging but incredibly rewarding. The children genuinely LOVE it!

As a result of the coaching in school, some pupils have continued to engage with tennis outside of school. One in particular is now attending the holiday coaching and after school sessions that you offer locally. Without your presence in school, I believe this would not have happened.

We can see the significant impact that this is having on our children in all areas of the curriculum. They love to be active and engaged and this has certainly been the case! Long live Tennis at CHS!’

Thank you for agreeing to continue to fund weekly sessions, both myself and the school are very grateful for the opportunities this is giving the children. We hope to have more tennis events in the spring and summer too and to inspire more children to access tennis beyond their school.

Many thanks,


Tennis fun at Calder House School

Sam Hull

Head Coach


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