What a fabulous day!

We had such a wonderful day yesterday at Annabel’s Festival of Creativity, a celebration of local talent and craftsmanship alongside fun times and yummy things to eat and drink.

The standard of performance and entry was so high that the judges really struggled to make their decisions but in the end they managed to award certificates and rosettes to some very deserving winners in all the categories (apart from “Class A: Eggs” as all the local hens seem to have gone on strike!).

14289922_224586734611010_630411391334918815_o.jpgWell done to Phoebe and Joshua for growing their prize-winning carrots from seed, and to their mum, Gemma, for winning the photography prize with her beautiful sunflower photo.


14316855_1190438034349989_4403475346199784993_n.jpgWe had some amazing cakes and baked goodies. Many thanks to Mrs B for her expert judging, she arrived having not had breakfast and was really feeling rather full after tasting every single entry!

She chose Rosa’s very delicious chocolate brownies, Julie’s spectacular cake and Shan’s lovely cottage loaf as winners, but the “Best in Show” prize went to Henry (age 12) for his gravity-defying Smartie cake – well done Henry!

Well done to Janis for her fairy garden, Alice for her lovely Georgian-style gown, Rachel for her crochet, Keith for his wooden trinket box, Sarah for very spectacular dahlias, Helen for her plum jam, Meryl for lovely silver spoons and paintings, Alison and Richard for literature and Alicia for her beautiful collage.

As ever, the musical performances were a real treat for us all, we had 12 hours of live music from many different genres and it was almost impossible to pick winners. However the judges awarded best solo performance to Ellen (age 10) for her piano piece, best small ensemble to “Off the Rails” for their amazing Jazz set and best large ensemble to “The Harmonics” for opening the festival with their lovely singing.

The special rosette for overall performance was awarded to Sylvan for entertaining us with his saxophone – such a special performance!

This was Annabel’s third annual event for Jemima’s Gift and once again it was a wonderful way to celebrate everything that Jemima’s Gift stands for. We were very moved by Peter’s words as he opened the festival;

“…….we are very proud to be here to remember the life of an incredible little human, and all our lives are better for having known her…….”

Thank you so much to everyone who entered a class, everyone who helped behind the scenes, everyone who donated so generously and everyone who came along to make the day so much fun. Thank you most of all to Annabel for organising the whole event and, of course, to Jemima for the inspiration.




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