The Clarinet Story

This is Alex, proudly playing his new Yamaha clarinet. The clarinet was gifted to us back at Christmas when Olivia held a “Christmas Jumper Day” at Winchester University in aid of Jemima’s Gift. After her presentation about the charity a fellow student came to chat with her and said that she would like us to have her clarinet, which she no longer played. She wanted to find a home for it where it would be used properly again. You may have seen our appeals to find the perfect recipient over the past few months.image

Alex has been learning to play for the past three years, using a hired instrument from the local school music scheme. However his teacher had told him that he wouldn’t be able to take the instrument with him to secondary school in September and so his family were thinking that he would have to give up entirely.Then one of his class teachers pointed him our way. She had heard about out appeal to re-home our clarinet and thought of Alex.

We are so thrilled to have such a happy ending to the clarinet story, and Alex is getting on brilliantly with his clarinet. We wish you many happy years of playing Alex, and hope to be able to hear you play at one of your concerts one day!


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