Three years on……..


Anniversaries can be difficult days and tomorrow, February 10th, will be three years since we lost our beautiful Jemima. Not a day goes by when we don’t remember her, sometimes with smiles, sometimes with tears, often with laughter. We miss her more than words could say.

But we are left with Jemima’s Gift, her wonderful legacy and an opportunity to bring some of her enthusiasm for life into the hearts and lives of children and young people who may not have the privilege and opportunity that she had.

Jemima’s Gift continues to support children to make the most of their talents, gifts and opportunities in sports, the arts and education. This last year we have been able to provide sporting equipment, music lessons, musical instruments, places on school trips, a disability trike, ABRSM exam fees and music, riding lessons, IT equipment, provision for children with additional needs during a stage production, staging and concert sponsorship for Bath Abbey Music Makers and travel expenses for an international ice-dancer!

Our next project is likely to be to fund art and creative craft sessions to run alongside a live storytelling show which will tour around hospitals and hospices, specifically ministering to bereaved and pre-bereaved children. This is an initiative which is particularly close to our hearts.

The opportunity to be involved in projects like these, both large and small, makes our grief seem more worthwhile and meaningful. It is wonderful to be the bearer of good news every time we are able to accept a request and make someone’s day!

We would not have been able to do this without your support, either financial, practical or in prayer.

We are so grateful to those of you who came to Annabel’s second Music Marathon either to sing, listen, play or offer front of house support and cakes!

We are grateful for the gifts we have received for Jemima at Christmas, birthdays and special occasions, or in memory of a loved one. This year we have also been given a fabulous keyboard and a super clarinet, both of which will be played eagerly by their thrilled recipients!

We are thankful for the donations made from fund-raising events that you have held, without us having asked – a first art exhibition, a concert, a stall at The May Fayre, marathons, triathaolons, donations in lieu of gifts at your own special occasions, clothes swaps and so much more. You are all so generous.

We know that you support us because you too are touched by the grief of losing Jemima, but we also hope that you support us because you believe, like Jemima did, that life is for living, and living to the full. It is a truly wonderful feeling to think of all the music, sport, arts and learning happening in Jemima’s name and we know that she would be incredibly proud of everything that we have done with her immeasurable gifts.

Thank you all, from everyone at Jemima’s Gift



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