Introducing Genevieve



image This is Genevieve, she is 11 years old and a very talented figure-skater. She is a member of the GB International Development Squad and has been selected to represent GB at the prestigious Challenger series international competition in November 2014. Genevieve is in the top national ranking for her age and the youngest skater in the advanced novice category. Unfortunately NISA are unable to fund the specialist coaching place that has been offered to Genevieve as they are committed to supporting senior and junior skaters aged 13 and over. Genevieve’s mother wrote to Jemima’s Gift for help and we are delighted to be in a position to act as sponsors for her training course, which will prepare her for the competitions in which she has been chosen to skate for Great Britain.
Genevieve has already come up with a very touching idea to raise funds for Jemima’s Gift and will be keeping us up to date with her progress over the next few months. She has a very impressive list of aspirations, culminating in the 2022 Winter Olympics!
We are proud to be able to support her in this way.



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