We couldn’t do it without you………..

Once again we have been overwhelmed by your recent offers of support. It is becoming obvious to us that Jemima’s Gift has touched the hearts of many and seems to be growing into a charity with a secure future.
Only this week we have received a cheque from Hardenhuish school which was donated by a staff member in lieu of payment for running an activity day in July, a cheque from Bledlow W.I collected in memory of Jemima’s Grannie, a cheque from Batheaston Brownies following their coffee morning and a letter from The Y’s Men’s Club in Hanham, Bristol informing us that we will be their charity for the coming year. We are so grateful for this continuing support, which is totally unexpected and unsolicited.
We have pledged to spend every penny of donated funds on providing opportunities for children to fulfil their potential in sports, the arts and in education. This promise means that we do all the administration ourselves in our own time, accept favours from friends and family to provide stationary, catering, IT expertise, valuable skills, time and front of house support. We will continue to resist the temptation to spend any charity funds on venues or any other expense, even if it is in the hope of raising more funds. We are now approaching a total fund of £60,000.
Of course the mail bag also contains invoices from music teachers, sports clubs, equipment providers, schools, IT companies and a horse transport provider! It is always a pleasure to sign a Jemima’s Gift cheque, knowing that a child or young person somewhere will be able to do what they dream of doing as a result.
We also receive requests for funding and these are always carefully considered by all of our trustees before a decision can be made on whether the request fits the very specific criteria that the charity has set out.
We want to be sure that the work done by Jemima’s Gift is honouring to Jemima’s memory and in the spirit of living life to the full, just like she did. To all of you who are helping us to do that – thank you!
Jemima's Gift on holiday


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