Music Marathon raises £2500!

Thank you to everyone who took part in Annabel’s Music Marathon, which was so successful and raised a fabulous total. So many people played, sang, served tea and cakes, baked, donated raffle prizes, acted as guides and stewards, provided technical support, washed up, ferried their children back and forth, and applauded enthusiastically.


It was so nice to see friends and families catching up and enjoying all the amazing music, several people told us that they had intended to pop in for an hour or so and had such a lovely time that they went home to rearrange their day so that they could come back and by the end of the day we could hardly find seats for everyone!

The biggest vote of thanks must go to Annabel for her vision and organisation skills, she has had many requests to do a repeat performance and turn the concept into a regular event. There is also talk of a Music Marathon 2014 CD, which would be fun.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the day was seeing the talent of so many children and young people together in one place for such a celebration of music. Music is incredibly therapeutic and brings people together in a very special way. Many people commented on how much opportunity there was available in the area for children and adults to get involved in ways that they had not considered before. Corsham Windband has certainly gained a few new members as a result and we hope that others will have been inspired to dust off those instruments from the attic, join a choir or CAOS or just get together with friends to make music.

Jemima’s Gift is delighted to be supporting five individual children to continue their instrumental lessons in the coming academic year, as well as many other projects in education, sport and the arts. Do let us know if we can help you to fulfil your dream too.


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