Grateful thanks to all our supporters


Thank you so much to Michelle Creed and her team of organisers for their kind donation following a spectacular evening at the Bath Midsummer Ball. It was lovely to join you and we are very grateful for the very generous support.

We continue to be overwhelmed by the support shown to Jemima’s Gift. It is such a privilege to be able to use your financial gifts to ensure that children are able to pursue their dreams in sports, arts and education.

Special thanks to Sarah Rigden, who has asked the Royal British Legion to make a donation in lieu of a fee for playing the Last Post at commemorative services for WW1 in Colerne. You will be able to hear Sarah and her cornet in action with Marshfield Brass Band on Saturday.

imageDavid and Gina Brierley had a very successful day of fundraising with tea and cakes and rides on their wonderful miniature railway. We know that several railway enthusiasts travelled some distance to be with them and a lots of fun was had by all who took part. Thank you so much to them for the amazing amount of money raised.

We are grateful to Cardiff Whitewater Centre for their donation of £1100 collected by paddlers towards Scott’s adapted bicycle.

Thank you also to those of you who just give a gift when you see us. It is always very touching to know that you are thinking of us and willing to support us in this practical way. You know who you are.

We were very moved that Sue Butler, aided by the Bledlow WI, held her annual fundraising garden party in aid of Jemima’s Gift and raised a very generous donation of £340. Thank you so much Sue.

imageMany thanks to Chris and Ceri who recently brought us the envelope of cash collected after their mammoth bike ride. It amounted to over £1200!

This level of support enables us to do fantastic things for children who need financial assistance to enable them to take part in opportunities which would be impossible otherwise. Together we are living every day to the full. Thank you x


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