Jemima’s Gift to raffle beautiful quilt


This is the lovely quilt made by Colerne Crazy Quilters for Jemima’s Gift. We are planning to raffle the quilt with a grand draw at Annabel’s “Music Marathon” on Saturday 30th August.

If you would like your name to be included in the draw please put a pound coin in a sealed envelope, seal it and write your name and telephone number together with “Quilt Raffle” on the front. You can then pop it through our door or hand it to one of us when you see us. Obviously you can do this as many times as you like, but remember to put each pound coin in a separate envelope! For those of you who live outside the village, feel free to make contact with us so that we can organise your entry in a similar way.

All the envelopes will be collected together and we will ask Annabel to draw the winning envelope at the end of her marathon.

Decorating your envelope is not obligatory, and will not improve your chances of winning the quilt, but we will award a small prize for the one we like the best.

Good Luck!


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