News from Rosie and Frankie

Hi all at Jemima’s Gift.image

In the half term Frankie and I travelled to the David Broome centre in Chepstow for the winter league finals. Frankie performed very nicely and we got a 7th in the 3’0 speed class. He did some lovely double clears throughout the weekend but not quite fast enough to get placings – I was saving him for POYS the weekend after.

At POYS we didn’t get placed on either day, but got into the jump off in both days. As we had 4 faults in each jump off, whereas many had eliminations, slower fault times, or more faults, we qualified for the Grand Prix on the Monday (top 40 competitors out of 120). On the Grand Prix day, both Frankie and I were taken aback by the heights. All of the fences were much lower than expected, so we clocked up 8 faults. This was simply because the fences were so low that he wasn’t paying attention to them and dropping his back legs.

Last weekend we went to West Wilts for trailblazers second rounds. We got a 3rd in the 85cm, and a 1st in the 95cm. This means that we have qualified for Trailblazers championships in the summer.

I have included a photo of Frankie and I with our rosette at Broomes.

Thankyou again to everyone that is making this all possible, and supporting me as a rider,




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