One year on ………..

Today we have been reflecting on the first year of Jemima’s Gift. Although such a sad and difficult year in so many ways, running Jemima’s Gift has been a real inspiration for us and for our supporters. We have been able, with the generous help of friends, colleagues, family and many people whom we had not met before, to spend over £33,000 in gifts to enable children and young people to get the most out of life.

It is a real comfort to think of all the music, sport, activity and learning which we have been able to facilitate, not the mention the new friendships kindled and the sheer fun of getting out and doing something new.

In the next few weeks we will let you know about some of our recently promised gifts; a beautiful white double bass for a young and very talented musician, a suitable alto sax mouthpiece and a supply of reeds for a music student aspiring to a career in music, IT equipment to provide learning support to a child entering secondary school and finally, something that we only dreamed we might be able to achieve; a bursary to enable a child to attend Calder House School. I think we all know what Jemima would think of that!

One of the most inspiring aspects of Jemima’s Gift has been watching so many of you think of ways in which you can fund raise yourselves, and in doing so discover hidden talents and abilities. In particular we congratulate the new runners who are about to compete at half-marathon level, all those who will sing in a full choral work for the first time next weekend, the sky-divers, cake-bakers, cyclists, patch-work quilters, actors, singers, music-makers, long-distance walkers and many, many more.

There are so many events coming up too. We are honoured to benefit form Bath’s Midsummer Ball in June, Annabel will be running a twelve-hour music marathon in August and we have just found out that in March and April we will be named as one of Asda’s “Green Token Charities” in a local store! We never anticipated such a success with Jemima’s Gift, but then we never anticipated being in this position at all.
Jemima's Gift on holiday
Jemima had many gifts, her sunny smile lit up a room as soon as she came into it, she was always cheerful, always loving, always caring and ready to put the needs of other ahead of her own. She never wasted a moment, but filled every day with fun for herself and those who were lucky enough to know her. Now she has left us with this gift, the gift of sharing something of that love and joie de vivre with others. Thank you for helping us to do just that.


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