Colerne Junior Pudding Club “Jemima’s Gift Bake-Off”


Many thanks to Celia Mike for organising such a great event in aid of Jemima’s Gift last Sunday.

Children in Colerne entered 19 home made puddings into a very high standard competition. There were first and second prizes for under 9’s and over 9’s along with a tasting competition for the competitors whilst the highly qualified judges made their decisions.

Jemima’s Gift provided a very competent panel of judges; Tim, Olivia, Annabel & Sam. They embraced their role with diligence and a degree of relish, looking for style, originality, design and, of course, taste.

In the end the decision was unanimous and prizes were awarded for an exquisite lemon roulade, a very beautiful star shaped raspberry yoghurt dessert, a raspberry meringue and a treacle tart (judged by Sam to be “exceptionally good”, and I’m told he is an expert!).

All in all everybody had a wonderful time and apparently all the competitors were given a spoon and let loose on the puddings after the judging, which is why there was not even a spoonful left for me!!

I am sure that Jemima would have thought this a perfect way to spend a wet Sunday afternoon – well done to all you budding bakers, and of course to Celia too.


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