Jemima’s Gift helps to get children into cooking!


We are thrilled to be part of a project at Manor Field Primary School, West Sussex, to build a kitchen equipped to teach children of all ages and abilities to cook for themselves. The kitchen, designed to accommodate 16 children at a time, will be used to teach the basics of home cooking in a bid to get children thinking about what they eat and how it is prepared. The project is fully supported by teachers, parents andĀ governors and work is due to start over the Christmas break.

Jemima’s Gift has chosen to provide 4 adjustable workstations for the kitchen. These can be fully height adjusted to allow children of all abilities, including wheelchair users, to join in the fun. We think that this would be exactly what Jemima would have chosen to do!


One thought on “Jemima’s Gift helps to get children into cooking!

  1. This reminded me of Guide camp/holiday at Foxlease when you taught the girls to bake cakes in the afternoons and Jemima had a go at the climbing wall ….she was so tiny but the harness was made to fit her and she wanted to go higher and higher even though she was too small to reach the foot holds and grab the hand holds but she was “helped” to go as high as she wanted … happy memories

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