£279.75 for Jemima’s Gift – true or false?

Very definitely true!

This was the amazing total raised on Saturday evening at the Constitutional Club in Colerne. Many thanks to Bob Atter who organised the quiz evening and did a very entertaining job as Quiz Master. Everyone had lots of fun with not too many debates about the answers, although Annabel is still arguing about what makes veins look blue!

Karen is thrilled with her raffle prize –  a beautiful bouquet of flowers  All the prizes were very generously donated by members.

We would like to express our sincere thanks for all the hard work that went into organizing this event and for the support offered to us on the evening.

Thank you also to Samuel Shiles who was brave enough to say a few words of thanks on behalf of Jemima’s Gift.


One thought on “£279.75 for Jemima’s Gift – true or false?

  1. Thanks for coming to the Constitutional Club on saturday it was lovely to see Karen and Annabel and so many other people in the Club to have a bit of fun with the True or False quiz………it’s amazing how many wrong answers it is possible to select when you only have 2 options !! … but it was a great night and our chance to support jemimas gift charity

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