Help us to get children doing amazing things!


At Jemima’s Gift we are committed to providing opportunities for children, up the age of 21, to take part in activities which they would otherwise be unable to do due to financial constraint.

These activities could be sporting, for example; Jamie Phillips qualified for the BMX world championships in New Zealand but was struggling to finance the trip until Jemima’s Gift paid for his return airfare to Auckland. We have also funded a katakanu for a local canoe club which has provided hours of river capers this summer for many children, and a specially adapted basketball wheelchair for a 15 year old boy whose dream is to compete in the Paralympics. Not to mention Jem, a new horse for the local Riding for the Disabled Association.

Or there may be  opportunities for children in music, dance, theatre, design technology or education which we could help with. We have already provided an oboe, music stands and a euphonium to encourage children to learn to make music together in local groups.

We would be willing to pay for subscriptions to arts workshops, fees for music lessons, musical instruments, theatre and dance school fees, uniforms, equipment, school trips or help with educational need – whatever it takes to allow children to live life to the full and make the most of every opportunity that presents itself.

If reading this brings a child to mind, a child who would love to have a go at something but is unable to pursue their dreams because of lack of funding, then send us a email. Even if you are unsure whether we will be willing to help, we certainly cannot help unless you let us know. Life is for living and we want to see children doing just that…….. just like Jemima did.


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