Badgers get kitted out for action!

4th OCTOBER 2013 022Tim was absolutely delighted to meet with Jason Reynolds and the U9 Worton and Cheverell Badgers football squad last week to present their new kit.

This is a new team and the kit will ensure that they look and feel truly professional as they start their quest in the Wiltshire mini league this season. The kit will be passed down to many players in the years to come and will hopefully be a real encouragement to youngsters to get involved in an activity which is healthy in so many ways.

We were thrilled to be informed that the club has made us their official sponsors and will be dedicating their fund raising activities to Jemima’s Gift in the future.  We think you will agree that the kit looks really smart and we hope that the boys will be proud to display the Jemima’s Gift logo, minus the daisy!!!

We will be following the team’s progress closely and wish them every success with this fabulous venture. Go Badgers!

4th OCTOBER 2013 015

Karen loves this picture, she thinks those little, smiling, enthusiastic faces say so much more than words ever will.


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