Mr Day has fun at CSCC!

Thank you to Mr Day for this report and great photo!
The top three classes had a great time on Friday afternoons over the past two weeks learning how to canoe and kayak at Chippenham Canoeing and Sailing Club. Under the expert guidance of Julia Mannering and aided by our very own Ex European Champion Miss Jarvie the children learnt the fundamentals of canoeing and kayaking.
The children started off in the clubs brand new katakanus. Half were in ‘Jemima Florence Daisy’ named after our very own Jemima Prees and the second were in ‘Flying Starfish’ that was donated by the Jemima’s Gift charity.
They then moved on to the individual kayaks where they learnt to paddle straight, turn and balance. Some even learnt what to do if they capsized!
A great two weeks of fun ended with the children all choosing to capsize their boats and swim back to the bank.
A huge thank you to Julia Mannering at the Chippenham Canoeing and Sailing Club, Messrs Batchelor and Ireland for helping out, and all the children for their great humour! Good news is that we will be returning to do this again next term!

Andrew Day


One thought on “Mr Day has fun at CSCC!

  1. Thank you for a wonderful opportunity with the people at Calder House School. It was fun to go to Jemima’s canoe club. It was funny when Jonny fell in the water and that would have made Jemima laugh a lot.

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