They have arrived!!!!!

jplongwalk 028It was wonderful to be at Calder House this morning to welcome Joe and his truty band to school. They walked up the school path at approximately 10am looking as fresh as daisies.

They have already raised over £2000!!

We are expecting some press coverage a bit later in the morning so watch this space for more info!

Well done Joe x

Children at Calder House were also holding a mufti day in aid of Jemima’s Gift today and raised a further £220. It was lovely to see them dressed in everything from onesies to purple wigs!

Pictured here are Mr Day shaking hands with a triumphant Joe, Joe’s Mum and his Grandad.


5 thoughts on “They have arrived!!!!!

  1. joe is an amazing boy he is always happy and smiles. he is a great person and iam soooo happy he in my class!. GO JOE GO JOE!! you are the talk of the month.

    well done 😜

  2. It looks like u had a great morning joe. I wouldnt be able to get up very early in the morning like u!! Well done 🙂

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