Team Porter led by Joe all the way!

thCAXBRY6PWe were thrilled to hear from the team this morning as they resumed their walk after a hearty breakfast stop. Mr Day had enjoyed his sausages, bacon and cake and they were just coming up to a rendezvous with the Coombs family who had kindly organised a drink stop for them.

They were having a lovely time and Joe had been leading the way with Mr Perks for the last 8-10 miles!

It was very exciting to be able to announce that they had raised over £1500 and the cheer that went up was incredibly moving.

Hopefully Joe will granted an easy day at school, although with Mr Day and Mr Perks setting off at 2am too, I expect that’s inevitable!


2 thoughts on “Team Porter led by Joe all the way!

  1. Congratulations to Joe and all the team – what a fabulous achievement! Kieran and I walked down the road with them for just a couple of hundred yards and I was really surprised at the pace they were making even after about 7 miles. I saw them again very near the end and they all appeared fresh as daisies – incredible. Well done all of you.

    The Coombes Family

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