Manisha goes trekking in Nepal


Manisha Gurung, a friend of Jemima’s from Brownies, and her mum, Sarah, have asked for permission to support Jemima’s Gift alongside their usual charity, Sahara Academy Nepal, as they undertake a gruelling mission in Nepal.

Here is Sarah’s account of what they will be doing; “Hi I’m Manisha’s mum. Mini and I are off to Nepal in 2 weeks as I am involved in an expedition to Mustang. Mini would like your permission for people to sponsor her for Jemima’s Gift and Sahara Academy Nepal. Sahara is a charity that rehabilitates street kids through football giving them food, lodging and education, we have been sponsoring and working with Sahara since 2006. I’m leading a group of older Nepalese and Tibetan people (80’s & 90’s) to visit friends and family they haven’t seen for many years due to the civil war. Now the war is over and the infrastructure of the area is improving we are trying to get them all together before it’s too late. We will be walking a lot and using local Tibetan ponies and will be above 9,000 ft for most of the trip with a few 15 & 16,000 ft passes. Weather and fitness allowing we are aiming is to visit parts of the country not visited by westerners before including one pass at 18,000ft”

We are thrilled that Manisha wants to support Jemima’s Gift as well as Sahara Academy Nepal, and wish her and her mum every success with the expedition. Hopefully they will come back with some wonderful stories and photos so that we can share what they have achieved. Thank you Manisha and Sarah.


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