Jamie rides for Jemima in Aukland NZ!


Jamie Phillips (age 10) has qualified for the World BMX Championship finals, which this year will be held in Aukland, New Zealand. The only problem is getting him there! He has been frantically fund-raising but time is short as the event takes place at the end of July. So Jamie’s parents alerted us to his plight and we are thrilled to be able to make the gift of a return air ticket for him. We will follow Jamie’s progress and keep you updated on any news from him, in the meantime we wish him every success in New Zealand.

Take a look at Jamie’s Facebook page for more details;



One thought on “Jamie rides for Jemima in Aukland NZ!

  1. Hi, this is Tracy Jamie’s mum. Words cannot express how hugely grateful I am for Jemima’s gift to Jamie. Not only Jamie, but we as a family will be so proud to take Jemima’s memory to New Zealand and know that she will be his special guardian angel watching over him all the way. Every time I start to write something or read anything about your wonderful daughter tears stream from my eyes and it’s just so incredibly wonderful that in the immense pain and sadness of your loss of a beautiful, vibrant and talented little girl, you’ve shown such kindness to others and have given Jamie such a huge help to achieve his dreams. Jemima will be with us all the way to NZ and in our thoughts forever more. Thank you. I look forward so much to meeting you all. Tracy x

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