On our way to charity registration

It’s early days. However the wheels have been set in motion and we will be a registered charity soon. Please be assured however, that every penny you donate through Paypal will go to support children like Jemima – whether through the arts, through sport or through learning activities. Thank you.


7 thoughts on “On our way to charity registration

  1. well done to you all as a family this must be the hardest thing to do .we live in the same village and Tom my son was at school calder house for a while .memorys are all we all have in the end when we loose someone dear to our hearts they remain in our hearts forever.

  2. Our love is with you all- such a sad loss of a young life, but such a wonderful way to celebrate Jemima’s life.

  3. Such a sad loss, our thoughts, prayers and love go out to your whole family; you are so brave. Your daughter sounds an amazing little girl. When I tell my family tonight that I love them I will think of Jemima too, what an inspirational little girl; we can all learn a lot from her. Love and prayers xx from Bradford on Avon xx

    • Such a sudden loss. You are both an inspiration to think about others at this difficult time. Our family have been through difficult times when our daughter suddenly at age nine became disabled as result of brain tumour removal unfortunately there has been no where she could go socially since it happened she is now 14. She has suffered numerous operations over the years and she still smiles. Please read about her on postpals. Under Kerry f. Her sister is in your other daughters tutor group. Once again my thoughts are with you.

  4. This is a beautiful way of honouring Jemima’s memory. We will continue to support the charity.
    With much love to all the family. Susie, Robin, and Ruaraidh (Tim Prees is my cousin)

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