A New Beginning

Well, we’re up and running. Welcome to our new charity site and blog. Jemima loved life and cared deeply about others. Through this fund, we aim to help many other children like Jemima realise their full potential.

A New Beginning


11 thoughts on “A New Beginning

  1. This is a wonderful idea, Jemima would of been so proud, and would love to think she was able to help other children, and if they are only half as happy as Jemima was they will love life.

  2. This is a wonderfull idea Jemima would be so proud of all her family. Ever since I have met her nearly three years ago I have never seen her without her infectious smile.God bless you all.

  3. What a lovely way for Jemima to be remembered. She was a lovely little girl. My memory of Jemima will always be of here wondering out in the garden barefoot with an armful of kittens to show me while we were working in the garden! Bless her. Xx

  4. Going through all my pictures of Guide PGL’s the other day each picture of Jemima weather it be jumping from zip wires, climbing walls and ropes or crawling through mud every time with a massive smile on her gorgeous face made me smile. If this is going to help children to enjoy things like this just like Jemima did then thats amazing. Well done the Prees Family xxxx

  5. well done all of you for this lovely way in which to remember Jemima.I can still see her now running around the garden in the sunshine with her sisters.she always had a smile on her face and so did all the family when the were with her.she was loved very much by them all.God bless you all and keep you

  6. This is a wonderful thing you’re doing – what a lovely way to remember a special little girl. May your charity work bring you peace and give you strength during this very difficult time. x

  7. What a wonderful and special thing to do, Jemima will be so very proud! My memories of this special little girl is of when she was a baby/toddler in her beautiful old fashoined pram being pushed to school by her mummy, she looked like a perfect little dolly, sat there all full of smiles in a gorgeous bright red coat, this is how I will always remember her. You will all as a family find strengh to get through this heartbreaking time, you have so many loving people around to help you do so. I send you all huge hugs. Annie xxxxx

  8. Your daughter sounds beautiful in nature as well as in looks, and this seems like a wonderful tribute. I wish you strength and success with all you do. You’re an inspiration!

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