Introducing Genevieve



image This is Genevieve, she is 11 years old and a very talented figure-skater. She is a member of the GB International Development Squad and has been selected to represent GB at the prestigious Challenger series international competition in November 2014. Genevieve is in the top national ranking for her age and the youngest skater in the advanced novice category. Unfortunately NISA are unable to fund the specialist coaching place that has been offered to Genevieve as they are committed to supporting senior and junior skaters aged 13 and over. Genevieve’s mother wrote to Jemima’s Gift for help and we are delighted to be in a position to act as sponsors for her training course, which will prepare her for the competitions in which she has been chosen to skate for Great Britain.
Genevieve has already come up with a very touching idea to raise funds for Jemima’s Gift and will be keeping us up to date with her progress over the next few months. She has a very impressive list of aspirations, culminating in the 2022 Winter Olympics!
We are proud to be able to support her in this way.


Thank you messages

Thank you to all our very brave friends and family who chose Jemima’s Gift to benefit from their “Ice Bucket Challenges” at the end of the summer. We received over £300 in donations!

Thank you also to Jemima’s friend Lily, who has been collecting all her 1p and 2p coins for some time and has cashed them in for a £20 note which she has donated in memory of Jemima. This sounds like a much more comfortable activity than pouring ice cold water over your head, perhaps we should all do it over the winter and see how much we can raise!

We couldn’t do it without you………..

Once again we have been overwhelmed by your recent offers of support. It is becoming obvious to us that Jemima’s Gift has touched the hearts of many and seems to be growing into a charity with a secure future.
Only this week we have received a cheque from Hardenhuish school which was donated by a staff member in lieu of payment for running an activity day in July, a cheque from Bledlow W.I collected in memory of Jemima’s Grannie, a cheque from Batheaston Brownies following their coffee morning and a letter from The Y’s Men’s Club in Hanham, Bristol informing us that we will be their charity for the coming year. We are so grateful for this continuing support, which is totally unexpected and unsolicited.
We have pledged to spend every penny of donated funds on providing opportunities for children to fulfil their potential in sports, the arts and in education. This promise means that we do all the administration ourselves in our own time, accept favours from friends and family to provide stationary, catering, IT expertise, valuable skills, time and front of house support. We will continue to resist the temptation to spend any charity funds on venues or any other expense, even if it is in the hope of raising more funds. We are now approaching a total fund of £60,000.
Of course the mail bag also contains invoices from music teachers, sports clubs, equipment providers, schools, IT companies and a horse transport provider! It is always a pleasure to sign a Jemima’s Gift cheque, knowing that a child or young person somewhere will be able to do what they dream of doing as a result.
We also receive requests for funding and these are always carefully considered by all of our trustees before a decision can be made on whether the request fits the very specific criteria that the charity has set out.
We want to be sure that the work done by Jemima’s Gift is honouring to Jemima’s memory and in the spirit of living life to the full, just like she did. To all of you who are helping us to do that – thank you!
Jemima's Gift on holiday

Rosie and Frankie


What a privilege it has been for Jemima’s Gift to support Rosie Andre and her beautiful pony, Frankie, this summer! We have really enjoyed getting Rosie’s regular news updates and lovely photos of all the events in which they have competed.


Please let us know if you know a child or young person who is prevented from fulfilling their potential in sports, the arts, or education due to financial constraint. Hobbies such as horse-riding, sailing or music, to name a few, can be prohibitively expensive and we would like to help if we can. We wish Rosie and Frankie every success in the future and congratulate them on their hard work and determination – we are so proud of you both!

Music Marathon raises £2500!

Thank you to everyone who took part in Annabel’s Music Marathon, which was so successful and raised a fabulous total. So many people played, sang, served tea and cakes, baked, donated raffle prizes, acted as guides and stewards, provided technical support, washed up, ferried their children back and forth, and applauded enthusiastically.


It was so nice to see friends and families catching up and enjoying all the amazing music, several people told us that they had intended to pop in for an hour or so and had such a lovely time that they went home to rearrange their day so that they could come back and by the end of the day we could hardly find seats for everyone!

The biggest vote of thanks must go to Annabel for her vision and organisation skills, she has had many requests to do a repeat performance and turn the concept into a regular event. There is also talk of a Music Marathon 2014 CD, which would be fun.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the day was seeing the talent of so many children and young people together in one place for such a celebration of music. Music is incredibly therapeutic and brings people together in a very special way. Many people commented on how much opportunity there was available in the area for children and adults to get involved in ways that they had not considered before. Corsham Windband has certainly gained a few new members as a result and we hope that others will have been inspired to dust off those instruments from the attic, join a choir or CAOS or just get together with friends to make music.

Jemima’s Gift is delighted to be supporting five individual children to continue their instrumental lessons in the coming academic year, as well as many other projects in education, sport and the arts. Do let us know if we can help you to fulfil your dream too.

Annabel in the Bath Chronicle!

Around 100 people will take part in a 12-hour musical marathon to raise money for Jemima’s Gift, a charity set up in memory of ten-year-old Jemima Prees.

Jemima, from Colerne, died during a family skiing holiday in Austria in February last year after she lost control on the ski slope and crashed into a tree.

Money from the musical marathon, organised by her sister Annabel, will fund activities or equipment to help children to reach their full potential.

Annabel, 16, has booked a wide variety of musical acts, including the Colerne Military Wives Choir and Mount Zion Church Choir from Hullavington.

Dad Tim Prees will play as part of the Marshfield Brass Band and Annabel plans to play the oboe or piano.

Jemima’s Gift has raised more than £50,000 so far.

Annabel said: “Jemima was an enthusiastic person and did everything she could get her hands on.

“She would have been excited about the event, she had a real love for life.

“Everyone else in my family was doing things to raise money for the charity because it was very close to their heart.

“I decided that I really wanted to do something and I thought I would use my skills in music and organising.”

Jemima, a pupil at Calder House School, played the euphonium for the Corsham Wind Association, who will also perform on the day.

The event, in Colerne Village Hall, begins at 10am on August 30 and finishes at 10pm.

Staff from the Fox and Hound will provide a bar from 6pm to 10pm.image

Tickets are £5 and are available on the day.

Grateful thanks to all our supporters


Thank you so much to Michelle Creed and her team of organisers for their kind donation following a spectacular evening at the Bath Midsummer Ball. It was lovely to join you and we are very grateful for the very generous support.

We continue to be overwhelmed by the support shown to Jemima’s Gift. It is such a privilege to be able to use your financial gifts to ensure that children are able to pursue their dreams in sports, arts and education.

Special thanks to Sarah Rigden, who has asked the Royal British Legion to make a donation in lieu of a fee for playing the Last Post at commemorative services for WW1 in Colerne. You will be able to hear Sarah and her cornet in action with Marshfield Brass Band on Saturday.

imageDavid and Gina Brierley had a very successful day of fundraising with tea and cakes and rides on their wonderful miniature railway. We know that several railway enthusiasts travelled some distance to be with them and a lots of fun was had by all who took part. Thank you so much to them for the amazing amount of money raised.

We are grateful to Cardiff Whitewater Centre for their donation of £1100 collected by paddlers towards Scott’s adapted bicycle.

Thank you also to those of you who just give a gift when you see us. It is always very touching to know that you are thinking of us and willing to support us in this practical way. You know who you are.

We were very moved that Sue Butler, aided by the Bledlow WI, held her annual fundraising garden party in aid of Jemima’s Gift and raised a very generous donation of £340. Thank you so much Sue.

imageMany thanks to Chris and Ceri who recently brought us the envelope of cash collected after their mammoth bike ride. It amounted to over £1200!

This level of support enables us to do fantastic things for children who need financial assistance to enable them to take part in opportunities which would be impossible otherwise. Together we are living every day to the full. Thank you x


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